Thursday, February 26, 2009


Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with purses. I love, love, love purses! I usually change out my purse about every couple of months, sooner if I find a purse that I can't live without. I usually do not spend very much on my purses for a few reasons: the obvious being that I go through them so often it would be a waste of money, and these days you can usually find a good purse for a good price.

Well I just got a great purse for x-mas from my in-laws, that I love, love, love. BUT...I went shopping with my mother-in-law on Saturday and (like me) she loves purses as well, so we always go to Dillards to check out the purses. My heart stopped when I saw this one:

I love this purse! I carried it around the store, even though I knew I wasn't going to buy it. Two reasons why I wasn't going to buy, I just got a great purse ummm 2 months ago and the main reason is it is $298.00! OMG! Yes, $298.00. There is no way I could justify buying a purse this expensive 4 months before having a baby! To put it back in it's place and walk away just about brought me to tears. But I had to do it.

Usually what I do when this happens (and it happens quite frequently, I might say) is get the name of the purse and then check Ebay. Well good news is that it is on Ebay and it is $100.00 cheaper. If I wasn't pregnant, my husband didn't have his accident, and if the summer wasn't coming up where Kaid has lots of things going on with sports and mini vacations then I would snag it right up. But being the responsible person I am, I am going to simply tuck this purse into the back of my mind and hope that it goes on sale, or a large sum of money drops in my lap. :)

Please pray for me and my purse!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Custom Letters...A Must Have!

I love crafty items! I love the idea behind them, the hard work, and the imagination of those who create them. I come from a very crafty family and have a few skills of my own but unfortunately mine are pretty limited in comparison to others in my family and several of my friends. If you could only see half of the things my aunt Cheryl & cousin Brandi can do, then you would wonder why the power gene stopped at me :( I can't complain to much on the crafty gene not going far b/c I did get the decorating gene and the party planning gene, which I do love, so we all can't be rock stars at everything, right!

I have a few friends who are quite crafty as well. Mandy, for instance, is crafty. She has painted several things that I would not have been able to do. She is really good at putting together a beautiful arrangement. (Like the one on your toilet in your guest bathroom, LOVE IT) And she makes the best cupcakes EVERRRRRRRRRRRR!

I also have another friend, who is Kaid's mother, Valerie, who is pretty crafty. One thing she can do and do well are painted custom letters. Kaid's room at his mom's house is done in St. Louis Cardinals baseball theme, Kaid's step-dad, Tim, is from St. Louis so they are fans. She had painted Kaid's name in the colors with little baseballs on them. They were so good so I asked her to paint some for Kaid's room for our house. His room at our house is done in army/cameo. Now she is my letter lady...When I figured out what Trigg's name was going to be, I asked her to do some letters for Trigg's room.

Don't these look great! I was so impressed. I suggested to Valerie that she start a blog on here so that others with the disadvantage as I in the crafty department could take advantage of getting some letters done!

So for those of you who are handicapped in the craftiness side and would love to have custom letters done for you or someone you know, visit Valerie's blog at or let me know and I can place an order! They are $7 dollars a letter, this includes: letters, labor, paint. What ever colors and decoration you desire I am sure she can do. These would make great presents for anyone or yourself.

Also, Valerie is new to the blog world so even if you do not want any letters done, check out her blog and welcome her to our world! You can get to her also from my blog list as well, Tim,Val,Kaid,Brighton...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend of working...

Here it is Sunday night and I finally am relaxing for the first time this weekend. (Pause) that was me taking a deep sigh. I spent pretty much all weekend working on the nursery and I have to say it is really coming along. I don't have much more to do. We finished the stripes for the crib wall on Saturday after Kaid's basketball game.

I wish I could get better pics but the room is not real big so I don't have a lot of space to get full shots of the room.

I think for my first stripe job I did pretty good..

I got Trigg's pillow back on Saturday too. Isn't it adorable? I love the way it came out. Personally Yours is to thank for that...

We got the rocker & glider today, along with the curtains. We did have blinds up and they are actually broken but we decided to leave them down. We like the bigness of the window. Ryan and I put our crafting skills to the test today too. I had some white shelves lying around the house and decided to put them in Trigg's room so we painted them.

I did the brown & orange dots and Ryan did the brown & blue cameo. His is so much better than mine. Who knew he had such crafty skills.

I also had a white frame I wasn't using either so I decided to paint it as well...This one is all me. I wanted it to compliment the other frame that I bought at a craft convention. All I need are some pictures to hang in the frames and this wall will be finished minus a bookcase on the other side of the window.

I am really happy with the colors I chose to use for Trigg's room. I was a little nervous at first using the orange and dark brown, I love the colors and see others using them but I usually am not that good with mixing colors out of the neutral zone. :)

We ordered the crib and changing table today so I should be getting those in a couple of weeks and can't wait to put them in the room. At some point this week I need to go down and get his bedding started. It will take them about 4 weeks to finish it sooooo, I should get on that.

I have Mandy's baby shower in two weeks and have lots to do on getting that finalized as well. I wish I could post pictures of things before hand but she is a fellow blogger and I don't want to ruin the surprise! I am getting excited, I love to through events!

On a different note than babies, can anyone tell me what the heck is going on with our weather? Ummm, pick a season and stick with it (preferably spring)! :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Nursery Update...

I am a complete shoe-aholic. I am always picking up cute shoes for Kaid, Ryan and myself (when I can afford it :)) and now I get the privilege to pick out tiny baby shoes, which can't get any cuter if they tried. These are two pairs I have bought so far for Trigg.

We love things with skulls on them, it's a bit of a trend around my house...At least for the boys :)

This is a pair of Polo shoes I got at Macy's...ummm how adorable are these. I also got two polo onsies to go with them. So cute.

We are working a little slow on the nursery. With all of the things that have happened with Ryan's accident the last few weeks, it has been hard to concentrate on anything else. We have paper work coming in from all directions and it makes my head want to spin off my shoulders. We did manage to get the first paint done on the room. It is the baby blue color. Sorry, I took these pics this morning when there wasn't much light yet so it's a hard to see the actual color of the blue b/c it's so light but you can kinda get the picture.

Excuse the mess on the floor! We haven't cleaned up yet b/c I have round two of painting to do this weekend. I have three more colors going on the wall in stripes so that is what I will be tackling this weekend. Hopefully!

Once I get the room painted I will finalize my bedding and take it to get made. I am so excited about that part. I hope in the next month to have all the furniture as well. I get to pick Trigg's pillow up tomorrow and I am excited to see how it turned out.

He is a very active boy these days. I go to the doctor on Monday for my monthly check-up and sugar test. Yucky! Wish me good luck, hope I don't have to go on a diet for the remaining 5 months. :) I will be 24 weeks on time is flying by.

Well I hope all is well with everyone else...Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

And his name is...

Trigg Edward Peck

I am so excited to start on Trigg's room. I bought the paint today and since my father-in-law is at home watching over Ryan for the next few weeks he said he would paint for me, and he's really good. :) That is a big relief.

These are my colors and fabric for his room. I am having his bedding made and hope to get that started next week. I found this great pillow at IO Metro that matches perfect and I am having his Initial put on it. Kaid's mom is real crafty and she is going to paint his letters for me. She did Kaid's for his room and they turned out great. I am having to do bits and pieces of the nursery at a time b/c of finances due to my husband's recent accident which is so hard for me b/c I am a person who wants it all now and hate waiting to see finished results. :) OC disorder much!

I bet within the next two months it will be done if not close to it. YEAH!
I will post pics of the nursery as it progresses!

Monday, February 2, 2009


I have always been a believer in God, Angels, and all things greater than myself and last Monday Jan. 26th @ 6:30am I have never been more thankful for God's presence in my family's life. Here's why.

My husband, Ryan, has been working in Coffeyville, Kansas for the last several weeks. He has to get up at 4:30am every Monday and drive about 2 1/2 hrs to work. Then comes home every Friday evening. He picks up another co-worker on his way to Kansas as well as other co-workers who follow behind. Last Monday Ryan woke up and started his usual Monday routine. Left the house around 4:30am and headed to work in Kansas. I get a call around 6:30am from a co-worker saying that Ryan has been in a bad accident. Of course, I am freaking out. I have just woken up and was about to start getting ready for work when I get this call. It's the call that everyone dreads getting and hopes they never do. He said that it was really bad but Ryan was talking and awake and was able to give him my number. The police were arriving so he had to call me back. I called Ryan's parents and we frantically headed toward Kansas. Shortly after throwing on clothes and waiting for my in-laws, his co-worker calls me back to tell me that they are going to take Ryan to St. John's in Joplin, MO. So we re-route towards Joplin.

His co-worker proceeds to tell me what happened. They witnessed it all being a few miles behind Ryan and Dennis, the passenger in Ryan's truck. Ryan feel asleep behind the wheel, as Dennis was already asleep, and he went off the road, woke up, hit a mailbox and a driveway culvert and then became air born and flipped the truck about 5 or 6 times and then slide a few feet. Ryan was found in the floor board of the passenger side and Dennis was found under the vehicle back side. It took two hours before Ryan arrived at the hospital ER. I showed up right behind him.

Ryan broke his femur bone in 3 places, scraped up his face and had multiple scrapes and bruises all over. He had surgery to install a rod and pins into his leg on Monday night. That went well and we were in the hospital until Thursday. He was released and then we had to come home to this ice storm and no power. What a mess.

Dennis his co-worker was not as lucky as Ryan. Dennis is alive and stable but has multiple broken bones all over and will endure several surgery's to fix him in the future. He has a lot longer road ahead of him than Ryan.

We have not personally seen Ryan's truck but from everyone who has they say that Ryan and Dennis are lucky to be alive. I just wanted to thank God for watching over Ryan and Dennis. They both truly had guardian angels watching them.

Accidents happen and they can happen so fast you don't have time to react. Please tell anyone you know who drives for a living or just taking long trips, please if you are tired, pull over. The inconvenience of being late is not worth your life.

Please pray for Dennis and his family as well b/c they have a very long road ahead of them too.

Ryan will be back to work in about 8-12 weeks, so a long road for us as well but I will take this to keep my husband. I do not have any pictures to post of his truck, personally I do not want to see it. I just don't want to think about it anymore.

On a different note, and a different kind of miracle, we are having a baby BOY!!!!!!!!!!
I found out a week ago but with everything else I have not had time to post about it. We are very excited and are down to two names so once we have one picked out I will share with you all.