Thursday, March 11, 2010

9 Months

Trigg is 9 months today! I can not believe that he is already so big, only 3 months and he will be 1 year old. I have loved watching him grow and learn new things. He is such a smart boy and just the best thing God could have given me :)

What he is doing:

-crawls everywhere
-can pull himself up on just about anything
-can walk along his crib while holding onto it
-can say dada but has only said it twice :)
-says mama about 15 million times a day (and I love every time he does it)
-smiles all the time
-sticks his tongue out
-still only has the two bottom teeth
-weights 20lbs
-sleeps in his crib in his room (and sometimes w/ mama)
-is eating baby snack food more along w/ the baby food and formula
-loves to play the game who can scream the loudest
-gives hugs and kiss like they are going out of style
-shakes his head no
-hair has lightened up to a sandy blonde
-still has those beautiful baby blues
-still loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and pretty much anything that has music
-drinks out of a sippy cup
-has a big boy car seat now and is no longer in his carrier
-wearing 12 months clothes and even some 18 month
-wears size 3 shoe
-bites everything (even people...but that's b/c it feels good to his teeth and not b/c he's mean)
-wears size 3 diaper still

and lots more but there is just to much to list.

We have been busy and not busy and I will update w/ more of what we have been doing hopefully soon! Time flys :)