Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shower #2

This past Saturday I had my final baby shower. It was thrown by two of my good friends/work buddies. This shower was for my fellow co-workers. I work for a firm that has 3 offices in Arkansas but we have only a handful of female employees. It's an Engineering firm if that helps. Anywho, this shower was going to be small and intimate so my buddies decided to do it at Copeland's restaurant in Rogers. Great choice by the way ladies, the atmosphere was perfect, the food was good and the company was even better.

I really appreciated them doing this for me! Especially since they work out of our Ft. Smith office. Sammi & Heather work in my office here in Bentonville. I got lots of great gifts and I want to say thank you to all!

Here are some pictures!

Yvonne, me & Erin! These are the ladies who threw the shower...

The table turned out so great! I love how they stuck with the "work shower" theme. If you can see the shower favors and centerpiece's are personalized "work" items, (ie paper clips, clip binders, a pen, and a sticky note pad). Very creative ladies!

My cake! It was delicious...Got to love Rick's Bakery!

Our menu...So cute! So good!

Here is my pride & joy from the shower, my diaper bag! I love, love, love this bag.

I got the bouncy seat to match my swing I got at my last shower! YEAH!

Isn't this just the cutest outfit...Trigg will be so cool in this Hurley outfit!

Chit Chatting!

My wonderful co-worker/friends! Sammi, Heather, me, Erin & Yvonne...

I have been waiting to take back or finish buying baby things till after I had my last shower and since that was on Saturday guess what I did on Sunday. Yup, I went shopping. I had accumulated a few duplicate items from the showers and just gifts given to me so I took back those and added that to my gift cards and then I made a list of the essentials I would need immediately from coming home from the hospital. I have bought what I need and I only lack two items, which may very well be the most important, the car seat & stroller. I am ordering those this week.

It feels really good to be prepared for his arrival with 6 weeks to go. Now I can concentrate on a few projects, updating his baby book & getting some maternity pics of me and family pics to hang in his room. You don't realize all of the things needed to take care of such a little person!

I still have gifts trickling in from all over and I really appreciate those! Thanks to all of my friends & family for making this experience one of a kind! :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

34 Weeks!

Up to week 34! Yahooooo! Went to the doctor this morning and everything is great and right on schedule. I gained 1 lb in two weeks, so still on track with the weight gain. Trigg is measuring perfect, as usual, and his heartbeat is good and strong. My doctor said that based on my belly size, mine & my hubby's birth weight, that Trigg should not be more than 7 1/2 lbs at delivery. Which is a huge relief b/c one of my fears is pushing an 8-9 lb baby out. Talk about ouch! :)

I go back in two weeks, May 11th, to start my weekly exams. Yikes! I have heard such horror stories about how bad the exams hurt b/c they do not go easy on you so that they can help open you up for delivery. I am not scared though b/c I am so ready for him to be here that I am game for whatever helps move him along, even if it hurts a bit. :)I still feel great so no complaints!

I had another shower this past Saturday and I am waiting on my friend to send me a CD of the pics from her camera. She had a high resolution camera so hers will be better than mine. As soon as I get the pictures I will get them posted!

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Catch up


I have been extremely busy the past few days and have not had a chance to blog!
So here is a game of catch up...

Friday my aunt Deanna and her family came in to visit. The main reason she was coming in was for my baby shower Saturday. Deanna, Richard, Jacklyn & Jaden got in around 6:30pm and we ordered pizza and hung out at the house. We had Kaid this past weekend, which was nice b/c Jacklyn just loves Kaid to death, so they got some time to play together. Jacklyn is 3 1/2 yrs old, a bit younger than Kaid, but they still enjoy each other's company. Jaden just turned a year old on Easter. They are my girls! Deanna and I are actually Aunt/Niece but we are best friends and like sisters so I call her girls my niece's. We are really close like that. Deanna is one of my mom's sisters, so she is on my mom's side of the family.

Jacklyn & me, this little stinker didn't want her picture taken!

Little game of hide n seek with Jaden! Isn't she precious...

Having a little fun deflating the blow up mattress!

Night time! Isn't that sweet...

Well Saturday rolled around and Jaden had not slept most the night, guess the different atmosphere and lack of routine threw her off. She was the first to sleep in Trigg's crib, but since she is used to her's, it was a ruff night for her (and Deanna). Jacklyn was a bit cranky too...Jaden had not been feeling well the day before anyway, she was running a fever. So Deanna decided to just go ahead and go on home and miss the shower, when you have kids, sometimes you just don't get to do what you want to do. So they left around 11:30am. I was sad that she couldn't make the shower, since this was the whole reason for her driving 3 hrs to see me, but I completely understood.

Not only was I expecting her to come that weekend but on Saturday my cousin, Brandi, who lives in Stillwater, OK was going to drive in to be at my shower. So I was expecting her to arrive around noon. Brandi is on my dad's side of the family. (My parents are divorced by the way). Deanna was leaving on Saturday then Brandi would leave on Sunday. I have family all spread out but the ones I am the closest too on my dad's side live in Texas, minus Brandi, who still lives in Oklahoma. My grandma, who is pretty much my mom, and then my aunt Cheryl (Brandi's mom) and my Uncle John (Brandi's dad), live in Texas and they all wanted to come but it is a long drive for a day of a shower. So that is why Deanna & Brandi drove in b/c they are a bit closer and they wanted me to have family at my shower! I was excited to know that they were doing this for me. Not to mention I see my family like once a year if I am lucky!

So around noon my door bell rings and I open it up to my cousin Brandi and her boyfriend. I was hugging her and saying hello when out pops my grandma, aunt Cheryl & uncle John from around the corner. I was in complete shock that I stood there for a minute before I reacted b/c I wasn't sure it was really happening. I had no idea that they had planned to suprise me for this. I was so happy! Needless to say it had me frazzled for pretty much the whole day! After saying our hello's and everything we had to get to the shower that Mandy was throwing me.

The shower was great! I got lots of gifts that I really needed...I appreciate all of my friends and family for coming and the nice things they bought Trigg! He really appreciates it too. I was trying to visit and was excited about everything that I didn't take any pictures, my mother in law was in charge of the camera but they came out blurry so these pics are courtesy of Mandy! Which by the way, in everything going on I didn't get a picture with her...I am bummed about that.

Thanks Mandy for the shower, I really appreciated it and it was great! :)

Well after the shower, I was able to spend some time with my family. We went to dinner at Outback. We actually saw Mandy, her hubby Justin, and Justin's family eating at Outback as well...We had to wait about an hour before we were sat, then probably another 45 minutes before we got our food, it was insane! I was not a happy camper by the end of the night, all that sitting in uncomfortable seats killed me but I did get to visit with my family so it's not all bad. We went back home and chatted some more!

Sunday rolled around and my family had to head back home! Brandi & her man had a shorter drive but they both had to get to work that night and then my grandma & aunt/uncle had about a 9 hr drive home so everyone left early! I was sad to see them go but I was so happy they popped in and surprised me! I really needed to see them. My family just has a way of making me feel so at peace and it always seems like when I need them the most they know when to be there! I love you guys!

Bad thing is that with all the excitement, frazzledness, and busy schedule I didn't get any pictures with them! Insane, I know, but my brain activity is at an all time low anyway and add all of that caouse can't expect much!

Well Kaid went to his mom's on Sunday as well, so Sunday night I worked on getting everything put up in the nursery and putting together this awesome swing my family got me!

Monday was back to work, so exhausted from the weekend, but back to work non the less! Kaid also started his season of T-ball games(machine pitch). So after work I headed to Farmington to see his first game! He did such a good job. He was first to bat for his team, The Tigers, and hit the ball on the first pitch, straight down to third base, I think he was shocked he hit the ball b/c he delayed in running to first and then got out b/c he didn't get there fast enough. He still was great! He got another hit later in the game.

It was such a beautiful day on Monday but dang when that sun went down, it was freezing. Think the wind had lots to do with that...Well there will be lots of posts about Kaid's T-ball, he has about 2 games a week this season! Good luck buddy!

On top of all of this Ryan started back to work finally. Only thing is that he still has 1 month left before he is released for full duty so Crossland put him on a night shift guarding one of their job sites at the airport! Because of the job, they have two shifts working, and since it's at the XNA airport they have to have "security" at all times when people are there. So since the only thing Ryan can pretty much do for the next month is sit down work, they put him on this. It is from 7pm-7am, M-F. It sucks having him gone all night, and the hours are insane for just sitting around but at least he's back to work and in a month he will go back to his normal job!

At some point in all of this I also managed to create my centerpiece for my dinning room table. I love how it turned out and very proud of myself. I am not very good with the flower arrangments but I think for my first I did pretty good!

Well that has been my week so far and it's only Thursday! Sorry to my readers for such a long post, I just wore my-self out again talking about it! :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

32 Weeks and counting...

32 weeks! I can't believe how close it is getting, I am so anxious I can barley stand it. I had my 32 week doctor's appointment yesterday morning and I have gained a total of 22 lbs, I am measuring perfect, and Trigg's heart rate is 146!

This appointment was my last monthly appointment, I am now down to every two weeks. I go back again on the 27th for my 34 week check-up. I am feeling great, except for an off day I might have every once and a while.

I am starting to have dreams about my delivery now, and the things leading up to it. It is really crazy b/c the dreams are so vivid and real like, when I wake up I feel like it really happened or that I am in labor.

I went to Tulsa on Saturday with my MIL to do a little shopping and she had to get her car worked on as well. My hubby and his dad went turkey hunting for the weekend so we decided what better time to go, plus that was my last weekend for traveling...the cut off is 32 weeks. We took her car to the shop, then test drove a car she has had her eye on for a while now, then we got our loaner and headed to Babies R Us. This was a nice store but I wasn't all that impressed. It really didn't have anything that I couldn't find around here, other than the car seat and stroller I registered for. So I was a little bummed about that but I did manage to get Trigg a very cute sailor outfit and my MIL got him his coming home outfit. Then we headed to Olive Garden to eat lunch (it was so yummy) and then to the mall to do a bit more shopping. One good thing about being 8 months pregnant is you save money b/c you are not in the mood to shop b/c you look and feel like a giant whale! Once again didn't see anything I couldn't live without.

After the mall both of us where completely worn out! My MIL's feet were killing her b/c her shoes were not that comfortable and I am lugging around an extra 22 lbs so my feet and legs felt like they were going to fall off :) We went back to the dealership, got her car and headed home! It was a really long day for us both but I had a good time. The weather was great, the company was great and I needed a girls day! I love hanging out with my MIL, I have the mother-daughter connection with her that I don't have with my own mother and it is really nice!

Well I have my first shower this Saturday, my friend Mandy is hosting it, and I am so excited! I also have family coming in to see me as well and I am excited about that. I can't wait for this weekend!

Have a good week everyone, suppose to be nice till Friday! :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

30 Weeks

I am a few days late with my 30 week picture but here it is nonetheless. I am feeling great for the most part! My bad hours are from 8pm till morning. :) This is when the uncomfortableness and the weight of the whole day start to settle in on my body. Getting comfortable in bed to fall a sleep is a struggle pretty much every night but I am managing.

One thing is for sure, Trigg has got to be one of the most active babies ever! He is constantly moving. There's 24hrs in the day and I feel him about 20hrs out of those 24! I am serious...as I write this he is squirming around in there! He is a very strong boy his jab to the ribs is unmistakable. :)

Well not much longer and I have to say I can not wait...I grow more anxious everyday that passes, especially with so many people around me having their babies! I have two baby showers coming up this month and the best part is that they are not one's I am throwing for others, they are for me! YEAH! My first one is April 18th & then my second one is April 25th.

The weekend is suppose to be gorgeous for those of you in the NWA area so get out there and enjoy it! I know I am!