Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Something new...

Well I traded in my Honda for this 2010 Camry. We were looking for something cheaper in payments and also roomier on the inside. Believe it or not, the Camry has a lot more room than my CR-V had plus the ride and drive of the Camry is amazing!Zero road noise and its so comfortable I could fall asleep in the seats. We were surprised as anyone that going brand new would actually save us money but sure enough it did!

Don't mind Ryan's truck in the background it just has a dead battery...He was cleaning his truck out and left the key in the on position all night so the next morning it was dead, thank goodness his parents are on vacation and he can borrow his dad's hummer until his truck works again. MEN!

I miss my Honda but am really happy we bought the Camry!

Ryan took Trigg for an evening stroll and it was pretty chilly so my little guy had to get bundled up...He loves to be outside.

Trigg getting ready for bed after his nice warm bath!

Night, Night!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Catch up

Boy do I have lots to say since it's been like forever since I posted last but to spare the few readers I have I will keep this semi-short and just let you enjoy the pics!

My baby boy is 15 weeks old! I can't beleive how big he is getting. I am so happy to see him grow and love every new thing he learns but I miss him being my small newborn. Now I know why mom's have kids so close together...u miss the baby phase.

This is Trigg's first hair do! His hair is really thin so it's hard to style it right now but his daddy tried and this is what we got. I love these pictures.

Look at those eyes!

This past Friday night Ryan and I took Kaid to eat at Shogun's (our faviorate resturant) while my in-laws watched Trigg. We wanted to spend some time with just Kaid. We had to take a family photo op before we left Ryan's parents though...

We had a really good time, and the food was so good, as usual.

Kaid was trying to use the chop sticks and it was so funny, it was taking him a long time to eat his rice that way, so he finally gave up and used his fork.

Trigg & momma just hanging out watching the razorback game!

We finally got some new living room furniture. We got a sectional and a big over sized swival chair. It is so much nicer, now we have more seating in our living room than we did before.

Here are a few pics of our boys! Arn't the just so great!

A few weeks back Kaid participated in the Prairie Grove Clothsline Fair, he squared danced with his best friend, neighbor and class mate, Shayla. They were so cute.

Here's a random pic of Trigg enjoying his bouncer/walker. He is still a bit small for it but loves it for about 10 minutes. He knows that if you hit the animals that it will light up and play music. I have such a smart boy!

Well we have been super busy and it just gets busier so hopefully I can post more often and the post won't be so long!