Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween! What a great holiday. I took the boys to the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago and Kaid picked out two pumpkins for him and his brother Trigg. I will be posting those pics later (they are on my other computer). Ryan carved the boys pumpkins this last weekend. Kaid wanted a gargole, dragon like one and then we picked a cute pumpkin face for Trigg. Ryan did such a good job on these! It took him two days to do them but it was worth the wait.

Spooky! :)

Then it was a mini photo session!

We indroduced solid foods to Trigg this past weekend. We started with one of momma's faviorte's pees. I love pees but I do have to say that all smashed up they are not very appealing. Trigg likes them and has no allergies to them so far. Yea!

It is so fun feeding him and watching all his funny faces he makes. They say not to judge whether a baby likes the food by his/her face b/c it's a new texture and taste so there will be faces but by if he/she opens their mouth for an encore. Well this is so funny b/c I was feeding Trigg some pees for lunch at Ryan's parents house and he was on his like 5th bite when all of a sudden his right arm went up into the air, his face became so serious with his cheeks pushed out and his lips puckered, he was concentrating on the spoon so hard, and without a warning down came his arm and the spoon went flying and pees went all over him and me. It was so funny!

Luckly he opened his mouth for more so I didn't take that as a sign he was done with pees. Good stuff!

Here are just some random shots of Trigg and his daddy!

Ohhhh, I so tired but I don't want to go to sleep!

Love my daddy!

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